G & R Trucking Co LLC

Owner Operator: Opportunities

G & R Trucking takes pride in a satisfactory rating from the Department of Transportation.  This requires a constant and earnest effort on every Owner Operator and Driver to maintain that rating.  G & R Trucking keeps each and every one of its Driver's up to date with the most recent information from the D.O.T.  Inspections on trucks, trailers, and any other equipment are done yearly.  Additional inspections are made accordingly and over the year.  Pre-Trip and Post-Trip inspections are also done to ensure the safety and cleanliness of equipment; to maintain our safety rating.  Load checks are done through-out trips from point A to point B.  We make no justifications for requiring a SAFE and MAINTAINED fleet.  "Safety is our priority."

Moral Lifestyle-
Our Owner Operators decide when they want to have their home time.  Having great pay, long haul routes, a 48 state authority and no forced dispatch, means that our Owner Operators are in control of their pay checks.

G & R Trucking offers its Owner Operators:
100% of fuel surcharge 
100% of tarping, stop off, and detention pay
80% of Line Haul on Legal loads 
78% of Line Haul on Oversize loads
No forced dispatch
You choose when you go home
Liability and Cargo Insurance is provided
Paid weekly with a weeks check hold back
Trailer Lease when available 
$100.00 for any level D.O.T. inspection with "no violations found."

Call us today at 573-757-6336 to get started. 

Sales/Area of Service Map-
Yellow (1)- Area NOT RAN.  Our trucks normally do not run in this area. 
Blue (2)- Least ran area.  Our trucks are in this area 1 out of 5 times.
Green (3)- Moderate ran area.  Our trucks are in this area 3 out of 5 times.
Red (4)- Highly ran area.  Our trucks are in this area at least 4 out of 5 times.